'The Natural History of the Chew Valley'
Edited by Rowland Janes
80 pages, 210 x 290 mm. Published May 1987
Publisher: Rowland Janes
ISBN: 0-9545125-
Out of print, but copies are occasionnally available on ebay

NHofCV cover watercolour by John Gully

'The view from Maes Knoll', watercolour by John Gully

Some reviews:

Jonathon Porritt: "I found the feature articles at the start particularly interesting, and combined with the detailed information at the back, it really does make for a very impressive resource."

David Tomlinson (Country Life): "Fascinating ... splendid, detailed species lists, and much to entertain anyone who has ever visited, or who plans to visit, this delightful Avon valley."

Angela King (founder of Common Ground) "A lovely book .. it is a great idea."

Captain R.G.B.Roe (author of 'The Flora of Somerset' (1981): "A splendid piece of work."

Cyril Trenfield, Ramblers Association News (Avon): "A fascinating study ... packed with interesting accounts ... cheerfully presented ... enjoyable leisurely reading which can only but deeply immerse one into the real Chew Valley countryside."

Professor Peter Haggett (Bristol University News): "An enthusiastic collage by those who love the area ... my own copy is already rain-sodden and mud splashed (as all good field books should be)."

D.H.Kent (Watsonia, Journal of the Botanical Society of the British Isles):"Aimed not only at naturalists it features walks and cycle rides in the area, chapters on local characters past and present and information on orchards, geology and habitats. Several chapters are devoted to vascular cryptograms and a detailed list of species recorded from the valley is given. This is a delightful and very readable pot-pourri of bioloical data presented in an unusual manner."